Re: cost


Of course it depends where and what kind of property it is. heating can be gas or electrcity. Bills comes every two months with full higher rate VAT
( i.e items listed as luxury) since when necessacities such as electricty in 21st century has become a luxury ??? perhaps I will never understand.

( Please read my postings EFFECIENCY OR WHAT )

You only have to have a fiscal representative by law if you have more than one propety. It however make sence to have one, dont feel that he/she will run things ship shape you will have to nudge/remind him deal with him on routine things.i.e/ he will just be a post office receiving bad news all the time.

There is no such thing as reasonable security company. If you can have an atttide of dealing with all the ineffciencies around and ready to pay for it even though its not your fault ( i.e. throw money at it) it would be OK.

However if you cannot hack or go with the flow you will be very unhappy as I seen with many people.