Re: Concerned?


Well said Anne, if so called Concerned was a (real) man who admits he/she works for O.E. and therefore is working for the most scrupulous agent on the Coast (choke!) then why would he/she hide behind an alias, that we can’t pm back either?

Poor old Concerned was rumbled on here before as she was on the site, and has been tasked the job by her employers to write her rubbish as you say.

Their commissions have been knocked quite severely, and now the loss of 400 Your Move offices (to be monitored when anyone is passing one) has had an effect, but they’ll be looking in earnest for another UK estate agent chain, but I feel it’s my job to make the new agents aware of their tactics and Press articles. Trouble is they are moving into the Bulgaria and Turkish property markets for which the S. Times recently ran an expose AGAIN on them.

Hopefully more and more people will become aware of them and so avoid them!