Re: comparisons



Hi everyone some very interesting points raised here seems everybody regrets purchasing or would not do it either now or in the future.Can i just ask for the people who have bought why did you do it in the first place?.The media and talk “down the pub” a couple of years ago was how well everybody had done from there purchases .Yet a recession later and a collapse in the value of sterling and it is all a nightmare.Seems to me when the going is good people are happy and dont complain,however when things take a turn for the worst the roof literally caves in.

I really do feel for people who have bought poor quality developments in poor areas it is terrible to see your dreams turn into a nightmare i know i have lost thousands myself through a unscrupulous company.Just to let you know and no doubt some people will take pleasure from this i bought a franchise fully researched it employed solicitors to check it out they were registerd with all the relevant franchise bodies and had 15 franchisees operating succesfully yet it still turned out to be a con Guess what business i am in? yes property sales but i have nothing to sell here and do not have interest in the spanish market other than to buy at some point who knows when in the future.

Speaking from my side of the fence this business is corrupt end of story ,there are good agents about and a lot of the cowboys have now gone.i now deal with investment property with proven returns and tenants in place.To be frank anyone who thought they could buy a property and just rent it out and make money whilst popping over for relaxing weekends has always been in cloud cuckoo land .Yes it is possible but takes a lot of work

People should dare i say it take a look at themselves sometimes .The standard of development in Spain and europe is sometimes shoddy to say the least and a lot of the apartments look like car parks and will never sell either now or in the future.You would not buy a property like that over here so why do it in Spain or any where else for that matter

Fact is you would be better saving your money in these situations and varying your holidays. my properties have no holiday rental value whatsoever and i would not want to go to the same place every year.A lot of people bought to make money and did unfortunatley they did not see what was coming, how i dont know property has never kept rising in value.

Spain is a great place but like everywhere its better when you have money for me i will be buying but not in the near future.Sorry if this has gone on but i wanted to get it of my chest!!

Finally please do not jump all over me for being a agent all my clients are very happy due to the fact that i am honest with them ,I am not defending this industry fact is i am stuck in it at the moment!!!