Re: Commission is not as high as you think


I have to agree with SDODGSON

Agencies fees on the Costa del Sol for a re-sale property tend to be between 5 and 7.5% and for an off-plan property from 3 – 10% depending on the developer. You will not find 30% commissions here.

I work in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida areas and I can tell you that the general figure for commsion is around 5% to 7% for resale property and 6% to 10% for new. I have never been offered anything like 30% It may be that an individual salesperson has been offered 30% of the total commission earned for the sale, so this is a lot less. This commission normally has to be split between and agent in Spain and an agent in the UK who would be marketing the property there.

I have to disagree with TIMSTONE

There seems to be two types of Costa Brit, the completely stupid who keep getting stuffed, and the very, very well off who can afford to not to care.

There is the 3rd type that gets it right. he doesnt cut corners. he uses the right people and he gets his home on time and with the deeds. I have been selling now for 14 years and every house I have sold has been delivered with full title deeds and on time. It really can be done although it seems that many on this forum and other forums seem to think its impossible.

I am an agent so you can call me biased but, get a good agent and get a good lawyer.

Your agent is your connection to the builder. He is the one who can get your snags fixed and keep the builder on his toes. Builders dont risk upsetting agents. The agent will bring more and more clients and this is what the builder needs. If you have gone and bought direct with the builder you may find your voice is drowned out whilst the builder is trying to keep his agents happy. It might be hard to imagine but if you ask a builder who is the most important person..he will generally say its the agent. Make your agent work for his money, keep a list of jobs that need doing and keep on and on. To really get him moving, promise him that…aunt, uncle, brother, neighbour, parents etc etc are all interested in buying a property…watch him move then!!!!!

Generally I would disagree that builders would offer a discount of the commission if you go into their office direct….the main reason is.. why??. They are builders and they will want to keep this for themselves. I know it happens but I can tell you that when agents find out that builder X is doing this they will receive a lot less visits with clients until he falls into line. And of course once you have gone and done this direct…..try and call the builders office to get your snags fixed..!!!!!!!!!

Lastly you just need a good lawyer. There are many who will very cheaply tell you if you are buying in the right place and quite often when you mention the name of certain developments you will just need to look at the expression on his face.!!!!!. That wont cost a penny!

You can buy in Spain…very easily…Just dont cut corners,,,Dont step off your £30 Ryan Air flight and become your own agent, lawyer, translator, fiscal advisor, planning expert, construction engineer etc etc . It wont work. Use the right people and pay the right price for their service, the commission isnt really as high as you think. You dont buy a house in the UK without an agent and a solicitor…so dont do it in Spain!!!