I saw the programme and I was absolutly appalled. I dont understand how can members of this forum blame the people for not consulting a lawyer. I think the problem lies firmly with the Spanish authorities/Ayuntiamentos who just sit on the fence and watch these buildings erected. It seems they do nothing to control estate agents or lawyers and in most cases let them get away with blue murder. What can you do when even some notaries have had their nose in the trough according to the Sur in English. What hope have you got??

In my particular case I consulted a Lawyer registered in Cadiz and look where it got me?? After I had bought my house and a discrepancy of over 750 meters of land was discovered. My lawyer merely said I am sorry I have made a mistake I should have checked things more carefully!! His advice now is to sell the house!

What we want I feel is more programmes and publicity of a similar nature then people will cease to buy properties in Spain and in turn maybe force the authorities to finally get a grip on everything – some hope!!