Re: Catastral plans re land register



Thanks for your reply.

Things have got a little wierd with this one as we got the lawyer to add a clause stating the owner would divide the finca (she inhertited 21 properties when an Aunt died!) and get the catastral plans updated before we brought and they refused the clause.

Our surveyor then went and spoke to all the neighbours (inc the ones who “offically” own the finca according to the catastral plans) who all said the land went with the house, and there are really old walls marking the boundaries.

So we decided we’d take a risk (thought unoffically by the surveyor to be very very small) and buy the house anyway (mainly as we love it, > 200 year old huge house in a small village near a large town..ideal location as 30 mins from hubbies job etc). Worse case senario, we’d lose some garden..but “own” half a village 😕

My husband has just signed the private contract today and the seller has now agreed to get the land divided and update the catastral plans, continuing this process after we own the house/ land. Confused..not us!

Not sure what happens in the unlikely event that someone contests the updates….will get our lawyer to check this ASAP!

Again, thanks for your advice, any further advice welcomed!