Re: Buying a property as a company



Dear Greg

As a (we think!) reputable commercial estate agent based in spain, we have a great deal of experience in selling and buying properties under “S.L.´s ( nearest equivilent an english Ltd.) and there are advantages as well as disadvantages. One advantage is being able to sell the company that owns the properties shares, as apposed to selling the property, thereby avoiding most of the 7% tax normally payable by the purchaser, thus allowing a lower resale price in principle. A disadvantage however is that some lawyers will advise that it can be dificult to acurately check for any liabilities that the company may have at the time of sale, and this would obviously pass to the new owner. It can be a very tax efficient way of buying and selling property, but really you would need to asses your personal needs. if you want to contact me personally for a more detailed discussion please feel free to send me a private message.