Re: Buyers/Sellers Packs



Well, this is what I call a forum. A strong opinion from all, with valid points that I am sure most people on this coast can relate to.

With the new Sellers and Buyers packs being issued by the government in the UK next Spring, it would make perfect sense to bring this into the Spanish property process. Real Estate agents are now preparing to offer an “in house service” such as Halifax and Your Move in the UK. Would this not be a good idea here? I am sure most people have experienced problems with paperwork or taxes not being paid on property, only delaying the process for the buyer and the seller. When anyone sells a house, they get a “sellers pack” and all this should be in order whilst marketing the property takes place. Surveys done, taxes paid, all snagging lists sorted and dealt with BEFORE completion making the whole sale able to proceed without delay. How many times have sales been delayed because of another piece of paper from Madrid or whatever?

If you could literally buy a house just by going to the Notary with a file on that property, life would be a lot easier for the lot of us. It does not have to be law to introduce this, the agents could. Unlikely to happen though. This is still a third world country in lots of ways.

Great forum by the way. Really informative and I like the topics covered and so eloquently expressed (Costa Shark, Nosmo King Brilliant!)….Could not have put it better myself!

Hard hitting maybe but the valid points that were made are only what a lot of people actually experience. At least I know that I am not alone in that view!!