Re: But Do You Know Who I am?



A few years ago I worked in London for a software company and we were involved in a major project for a bank

It was for a large Dealing room – Nat West Capital Markets – they were having Windows NT installed.

Everyone was under immense pressure to finish the job on time because this was being launched in time for the Big Bang. So working late was essential to ensure the job got done.

One evening the phone rang and I picked up the phone.

“Hello” I said
The vice on the other end says

“That is a completely unprofessional way to answer the phone. You should have said ‘ good ecening this is Nat West Capital Markets. Do you know who I am?

To which i replied – “No I have no idea”

“I am the dealing room Director and I expect a little bit of professionalism”

Well you can imagine I was not in the best of moods. Working late every night, under immense stress to get things prepared for this very guy then some cheese with nothing better to do telling me I am unprofessional – I was employed as an engineer not as a telephonist.

Anyway I snapped back “BUT do YOU know who I am?”

“No” says the voice at the other end

“Well F&*k Off then” and put the phone down.