Re: Burglary at Las Terrazas, Elviria


We were robbed of euros 3,400 of personal items from our rented apt in Elviria at Las Terrazas de Sta Maria Golf in the afternoon of Jan 5, the day before the holiday. It was an insider event, the burglars came in with a key. The apt has a security lock, but the maids belonging to the rental office have a key, and we believe gave that key (original or copy) to personnel of the maintenace company who watched us leave that afternoon and knew that the apt and the building were empty. The police wrote the report but did no investigation as it was not a break-in. As we were only temporary renters, our insurance did not cover the theft.

Moral: beware of all apts that are being rented and for which a management office has keys. Maids and gardners come and go, no real way to screen them. And even if you know they are responsible, no way to prove it.