Re: BG



yes, this is now obviously a case of the lawyer not working in our best interest. We always suspected that, but whenever we queried things with the lawyer, he said ” why do you doubt my word, i am your lawyer, why do you think we are not doing our best for you” He then said our first lawyer should have sorted the BG out, so we got in touch with first lawyer (both agent recommended) and they said ” well your agents knew, A…s didn’t issue any BG’S on that development. We then went back to the agents, who said ” it’s o.k we are insured, so your money’s safe” We realise now that means the agents money was safe, not ours!

Stiched up like a kipper, i think is the old phrase to use. Lies lies and more lies. I’m just glad now that we found sites such as this, and would like to say a big thankyou to those who have helped us so far, with honest and down to earth advice and pointed us in the direction of a good lawyer. We still have a long way to go to get justice, but at least i now feel that we are on the right track.