Re: Bent Mayors/Town Halls In Spain


It must be a fantastic job being a Mayor in Spain, a licence to receive back-handers as with just about any aspect it seems of Spanish Property transactions whether it’s an agent (not tarring all), Developer, Lawyer, Notary, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

There are some who don’t like us posting on here because we highlight such corruption, they also think it happens just the same in the UK, which of course it doesn’t. Only in Spain does it happen in such vast numbers.

The Spanish Gov’t? wouldn’t trust them with a bargepole, they do nada about corruption! Maybe they are corrupt to!

Spanish property is in freefall, it will remain so all the time their Gov’t doesn’t weed out the crooks.

Buy in Spain? BUYER BEWARE! Who/where do you go to for honest advice?

No doubt the usual people will say that it happens in this place and that but ‘IT DOESN’T IN SUCH VOLUME’! 🙄