Re: banking charges Spain overcharging



according to a new European Directive from Janurary 2006 any country who is an E.U member state must not charge for a money transfer to another E.U state more than it would charge for that same transfer withen its own country (up to 100,000 euros)

For example if a bank charges a spanish resident 50euro to send 50,000
euro to say Madrid , it should only charge 50 euro to send the same money to Britian, or France or any other country that is a member state.

This was clearly displayed in the papers in Ireland making us aware of our entitlements under the European directives and rightly so.

Spain however seems to think that while they enjoy being a member state
and getting all the benefits of such that they can when it suits them charge what they like and do what they like, the sooner they are confronted on this the better. 🙁