Re: Bank Guarantee


Drakan – the time you are giving to this forum is to be applauded, you are a star!
My question (among a millon others!!) is, after my lawyer taking 21 months to get the Bank Guarantee for my off-plan appt. purchased summer 2003, (due for completion around now), the BG’s enforcement date states middle of September 2006! Something not queried by our lawyer.
It may not have mattered so much, but like Claire, I bought into the same development that hasn’t nor never will be built.
This means I will have to wait for nearly a year to get my money back, a position I wouldn’t be in if my lawyer had insisted on a correct date in the first place (i.e. before the end of this year).
Do I have a case against my lawyer for negligence?
Feel not only let down by the developer, but now by the lawyer.