Re: Bank account theft


Katy, Not according to him and he has provided me with copy e mails etc showing extensive communication with the relevant depts, the point I am making is not to leave any surplus amounts in Spanish accounts , even if such as in my case the money was left in the account to cover any unexpected bills and so on , the point my accountant is making and this is a valid one , is that the SS are more likely to contact the agent or individual concerned if there is no money in the account , rather than to lie in wait and remove the funds without checking first .

It is entirely normal to expect all Government agencies to behave and act in a fair and honest manor , in not doing so you descend into the realms of a corrupt state , records are kept by agencies for this very reason , example there was a small issue with the SS a couple of years ago this matter was dealt with promptly by my accountant and all was in order , if you have a history of dealing with a dept then it is obvious to all that they have your records , fact they have been happy to deal with my accountant for all these years , only when it comes to asking or confirming one simple point ie have I left the country or not then all of a sudden they find that they cannot send one simple note or letter or e mail .

I have seen the correspondence sent by my accountant and he repeats on several communications that I am returning to the UK , we have this fact ackowleged by the SS , but not it seems by the recovery unit within the SS, my warning is a simple one keep the funds required in Spain to a minimum and make certain that your bank and advisers notify you of any communication with any Government depts .

Coincidentally I contacted my DWPP office here and enquired by which measures they would expect to access some ones account , the protocol for this was so long winded that I nearly feel asleep , the outcome of this enquiry confirmed that before any funds could be obtained then the dept must have exhausted all known points of contact , the first of all contact points was with the payee’s appointed agent, this patently did not happen in my case