Re: Balanced view? What rubbish!



Totally agree with charlie, gooodstich and a few others here.

A so called balanced view is a ridiculous suggestion re Spain’s property market and has been for years.

Why? Because it’s basically corrupt, the Gov’t., have done nothing to weed out the crooks who are still operating, no regulation, Land Grab where the Gov’t don’t want to know yet still take IVA on these sales, and as suzanne says, sooooooo many people including pensioners have been totally stitched up by the many dishonest agents, lawyers and developers.

It’s the tip of the iceberg too because many unfortunate people are too embarrassed to tell their tales, I’ve spoken to loads who have lost such a lot (or everything), some who remortgaged their homes in the UK and Ireland to fund their Spanish Dream and now having to pay for their mistakes for years, whilst losing their off-plan properties.

Yes there will be happy people who bought at the right time, or didn’t need mortgages etc, but there must be 1000’s who have lost big time.

Many countries are corrupt with property but Spain must hold the World Cup for mass property corruption and destruction of a once attractive coastline, it’s a b—-y disgrace.