Re: bad Estate Agents



Hello again Philco.
I have sent your last e-mail to our Solicitors in the UK and their Spanish agents in Valencia.
Only Maria and Phil of BuySpainProperties SLwill need to be available as our claim is after BuySpainPropertis SL and Maria Albuixech and or Phillip Coombes.
After all you excepted our money into your account and then passed the money to a Lawyer we had never spoken to or had any letters from,and you told us to go to this person,who only replied to e-mail very late at night 2200hrs+ UK time.
Anyway Philco and BuySpainProperties SLthe Legal system will look at this matter and if I loose 3000.00euros so be it,but I assure you, I will tell everybody who looks at buying from you and Maria at BuySpainPropertiesthey will get my input also,so they can be advised to read into the untruths you give.