Re: asturias


Hi Kevun,
I hear you’ve been mentioning my name to Ann (at Costa Verde!). We are over in Asturias from the 6th to 13th July..she thought you’d like to meet up and share experiences! Not sure how experienced we are though! We are looking at the areas around Grado (Pravia,Proaza etc), Siero and Pilona mainly. Thanks for the links, we have looked at Reinas and Norte Casa, another is (good site but you can’t bookmark pages or search for houses by number, and its in Spanish).
If you want to meet up in Asturias, I’m not sure of the best way to give you our contact details as I think Mark might remove my email address!! I’m not a great forum user, I know theres a way to privately message but have no idea what to do!
Would be great to meet up with another English family, my husband speaks very good Spanish but I’m a beginner. so it would be nice to know someone else to speak to! Anyway, will try and get a message to you through Ann too…