Re: Asturian estate agents

Participant,,,,,,,,,,, there are others if your spanish is good then this site might help it’s like an Asturias directory, mostly phone numbers, would be intresting to hear your thoughts when you get back, we are going over again first week in July for 5 days, went over last month to make sure we still felt the same about the area, it’s great, we first wanted to go to Vega near Berbes but soon relised we had little chance of finding a property we liked as the area is very protected, as we started looking west to Villaviciosa wonderful town great people to, not to sure how busy it gets in the summer though, coastal is not cheap, go inland 10km it’s much cheaper 20km it’s even cheaper, Pilona is a beautiful area – stay north of the N634 the hills face south great veiws down the valleys, Torazo – some spot that is too, quite high though. remenber to keep an eye on the Euro gives you all the latest rates really important to get the best rate possible if you can use an fx trader