Re: article



Thanks for the article charlie, the donkeys must have ran, arrived on time.

How right you are jiminspain, the Daily Mail IS DEFINITELY a member of the dodgy AIPP, so b—-y incestuous isn’t it?

Some other interesting members of AIPP who have also had Press or TV Exposes, and Forum postings, for mis-selling foreign property:

Bulgarian Dreams
Ocean Estates
Parador Properties
Premier Resorts
Superior Group

The NatWest Group is also a member!!!!!!Warning Signs!!!!!

Add a couple on their Board:

Peter Robinson (ex Ocean Estates)
Lawyer John Howell (who clearly advocates B. Money for Turkish property on TV)

Meanwhile Paul Owen has ducked the questions put to him on this forum and by email.

Rather at odds with the article headline Quote’ there’s a new watchdog protecting you from the market’s rip-off merchants’