Re: Anual cost of maintaing a House in Spain


Thanks for your replies Hillybilly and Shakeel,
I have heard that you have to pay tax on a property for potential rental income, even though you are not letting the property, can anybody explain to me how this is worked out.
I am trying to get a rough idea of the general costs of maintaing a house in Spain before commiting to a purchase, I know this will be dependant on the size and location of the House ( hopefully Southern Andalucia )
I would love to move to Spain right now, but I will need a mortgage and will have to carry on work here, as wages there are pretty low there.
I wonder if anybody knows if it is possible to get a job ( Plumbing & Heating Engineer ) as there seems to be a lot of building work going on, my Spanish is ok for general getting by, but would have to improve if working for a Spanish company.
Thanks, Chris Williams.