Hi – we also had a good experience of O**** E***** in the sense that they showed us properties within budget that matched our requirements. Unfortunately they didn’t show us our dream home but we were able to walk away from our 2 days without feeling under any pressure to sign anything (they showed us only 1 off-plan property on day one and when we made it quite plain that this wasn’t what we were looking for they showed us no more). ADH on the other hand were another breed all together – this was hard sell for 3 days with them showing us only one of the dozen or so resale properties I had selected from their web site and instead taking us to over budget off-plan properties that did not meet our requirements. By day three after a lack of sleep (due to the horrid hotel they had put is into!) and a lack of food (due to the location of the horrid hotel and the fact that they seem able to go all day without food or drink!) we did signup and pay our 6 euro deposit for a property in Duquesa that upon returning home and coming to our senses we later backed out of successfully obtaining our deposit back from the developer but with no thanks to ADH. Our third trip was totally independant and using all the knowledge we had picked up from our first two trips we did manage to find our dream villa through another agent (Fuenplaza who I would recommend) – brand new but already finished and ready to move into within 8 weeks.
I’m glad I didn’t proceed with the ADH off-plan ’cause it still is no where near completion now (had a look when we were there earlier this month) and wish I had found forums like this before I came out on my first two trips Claire is right it helps to share all our experiences but ultimately the decision is the individuals but through forums like this hopefully people can learn by others misfortunes. Good Luck to anybody thinking of buying or anybody trying to buy and having problems. Debbie. 😀