Re: Alcazaba Hills


Black Pear. Thanks for your comments.

I have looked at a number of developments in the CDS but haven’t yet found one comparable to the Leria developments for green location, good building design etc. Having seen and stayed at beach front apartments in Torre Bermajo – my expectations are high, so I believe that the scandinavian architect reponsible for Torre Bermajo has been the lead architect for the Leria group on the Hills project.

My only concern is that with the flat market and slow take up phase one will be left on its own without the completion of the other phases, hotel or spa complex. Committing ourselves to the project would be subject to the completion of the entire site. This would be priority for me.

Finally and of less importance to me personally is the financial side as this is a 10 – 15 year committment for the family, and I can’t imagine any property in that time frame losing value (famous last words).

I am teetering on the edge with this one and likely to fall for the development as I am getting good reactions form others on this site.

Good to hear from you. 😀