Hi Everyone,

Have just read the thread re AIPP. This has to be the original Old Boys Club. Isn’t this just a version of the Jaguar Property Awards. I never understood who or what Jaguar are/were. But it is clever PR. How many people are fooled into thinking that something has to be good because it has received an accolade from their competitors. As I understand it AIPP are a private organization. As such they have zero clout. What they are most certainly not is a organization like the bodies which regulate the accounting, chartered surveying, engineering,medical etc professions ( and they are not always without fault). In my opinion it’s a case of smoke and mirrors. Anyone can claim to be an expert but how many really are. I think we all know the answer. One thing you can be sure of is that all the overseas living/property mags will be telling their readers what great guys these are. But the cynic in me reminds me that all these publications live off the advertising revenues of the agents, developers etc. Remember, you read it here first!