Re: Advice whether to sell on Costa Blanca?



Hi Chris,

I’m Irish so purchased in Euro and hoping to sell in Euro. Are you suggesting trying to sell in sterling and then convert back to euro not to take such a hit?

At the moment just trying to free up some capital and have one less mortgage to pay at end of month. Have 2 children and enjoy spain immensly for 3 months of the year – had purchased with the idea of holding on to it until hopefully myself and hubby retire – but we have a while to go yet. We would obvioulsy have to take a hit on price but when you tot up what it costs between flights over keeping the place over in spain etc etc over and the interest on the mortgage – this hit we would be taking – the cost of keeping it for another 3 years would cover it.

I will take on board what you are saying about sterling and do figures. We are in an urbanisation by the name of Zenimar which is quite nice.

Thanks for the advice,