Re: Action,


Hi paul , you are right of course I would not suggest you deal directly as such with politicians ,rather it is about gaining the high ground ie publicity , media interest, etc, that encourages media contact ,therefore like a moth to a flame when you do have contact with them ie polititicians ,it matters, results can happen . Let us think about what is at stake here for those with a vested interest , millons and millons of euros, simply posting a response to your regional mep or similar just will not cut it ,These people receive scores of similar emails daily ,start small ,think big ,all of you out there who have been wronged, contact your local paper back in your country of origin,not being unfair to them but when I read the frankly low level stuff that gets printed here in rural Somerset it makes your toes curl.Now a story line about a girl or guy or Family who get turned over in Spain especially a story regarding property fraud ,dynamite , headlines read ,Warning, local family left virtually homeless/lost all their deposit/recently retired to Spain now face working till they drop to pay off corrupt developer in Spain ,priceless to a hard pressed local news editor,

Never,never underestimate the media’s love of bad news stories where ever they are located,at the momment the tide is with you,Spain is getting some pretty bad press ,when you throw a stone in a pond the ripples flow outward ,this is what you must do here ,from a ripple comes the tidal wave ,eg it may not be that easy to get a story published about the stuff that has happned on the forum in the mainstream press ,however if you are able to direct the news editor to a whole series of bad practice stories that have appeared in the Doncaster Herald ,the Yorkshire Post ,and the Western Gazette,then you have your wave.

And surprise surprise you will have your political champion,publicity is your flame ,nah just writing letters nowhere, the glare of the international digital camera light ,later to be shown on watchdog ,story line to read , from Nicky Cambell,or that gorgeous brunette Lady who co presents Watchdog,just when you thought it was safe to invest in Spain,another much bigger,and potentially more serious proplem has come to light etc etc.this should be your aim,start appearing in the mainstream channels ie the morning show ,Sunday Times etc ets, and YOU will be fighting off political support, in fact you will be holding a beauty parade ,to decide who to represent you.From little acorns etc etc.