My partner and I have been everywhere to get justice. I contacted the fraud squad in England to see if they could help but they said as the money had left our bank account in England there was very little they could do.

Our off-plan property we purchased in June 2003 has been sold to another English buyer. Why did they buy our half built property? I have photographic evidence of me in the property. I tried to put a charge on the property but as it was fraud this was not possible unless we paid an extremely large amount of money. It is nearly FOUR YEARS THIS THIEF has our money. The estate agents EUROPEAN VILLAGE AGENCY IN TORREVIEJA who sold us this off-plan property are still trading in Spain and should be ashamed of themselves treating us in such an appalling manner. Mr Rolf Dahlgren (the Director) and Brian Ridley (the English man from Newcastle) have some questions to answer.