I bought at ACC October 2004 and have paid 3 instalments. My manzana was due for completion this June. Okay, so everything is on hold until the building licence is granted. This is Spain for God’s sake, and “most” developers go ahead without all the paperwork in place. Give it a few months and all will be sorted out. Huma have their reputation at stake and Parador certainly couldn’t afford to be featured on a TV programme such as “Holiday Homes from Hell”. If the worst comes to the worst (which it won’t) Huma will be in breach of contract and bank guarantees for money paid will be honored. I have friends in France and Germany who have bought at ACC through agents in their own country and none (at the moment) are overly perturbed by the present halt. They know all about Spain and the “tommorow, tommorow” culture and are prepared for a delay. They will not form action groups or whatever until Huma has categorically announced that they cannot continue with the ACC build. I was in Spain last week (20th to 27th Jan 06) and visited the Huma offices in Mazarron and spoke with the 2nd in command to head honcho Mr Vivancos. It is a very complicated situation and there are a lot of issues to be overcome. These issues are not necessarily concentrated on the Almanzora Country Club but on the General Plan for the Cuevas District of which the development is part, hence, it could take some time before the matter is resolved. I asked the Huma 2nd in command when he thought building at ACC would start again and his best estimate was April 2006. I believe him on this date, and have no other option but to hang in, be patient and wait.