Re: a few things



ashtondav, as you seem so anti me or anyone posting about the property corruption in Spain and elswhere like Bulgaria and Turkey, can we assume that you are working in the sales office of some Awful agent on the Costa Corruption and business is getting a bit tight there?

As for your ridiculous comment about new posters not stopped from being conned, you forget that because of this site, the S. Times and Mail on Sunday articles,and tv programmes. at least 100’s maybe 1000’s of others have been made aware and so decided to pull out of Spain’s falling property market despite the lies of the same agents involved as to it’s potential.

As for the original thread, I don’t see any reason to believe Spain’s Costas property market will be buoyant in 2007 or for quite a few years to come. It’s overpriced (as much as 30%), overdeveloped, still over-hyped, much of the build quality is poor and not to original spec., and, still has too many scammers for confidence to return. That said, I don’t see a rosy future for Bulgaria either, it’s going the same way as Spain but without the Winter weather!

Now yawn away in your office!!!