Re: a different planet


Maybe I am living on a different planet – but it is just up the coast from the CDS.

Around Valencia, I know half a dozen lawyers that I would trust with my life savings and and I know a couple that I wouldn’t trust with five euros.

The situation that exists on the Costa del Sol is simply the result of some law firms having a close and long-term relationship with large developers. These lawyers pretend to be working for the buyers but are really on the vendors’ side.

This is an exceptional situation found only in those coastal hotspots chosen by foreign buyers. This collusion does not exist in the rest of Spain, and so we could, perhaps, be said to be living in a different planet.

The root of the problem is that naive and uninformed buyers generally accept those lawyers recommended by the agents and developers. In such circumstances, corruption is inevitable.

I am sure that if thousands of innocently trusting Spanish buyers suddenly started buying property in, say, Kent, and all the buyers used local lawyers recommended by Kentish developers then a similarly corrupt climate would quickly arise.