Reply To: Any incentives for starting a business in Spain?


Only if you have a lot of money to invest in the business in the first place, are female or long term unemployed…then you can apply for a grant but it has soo many strings attached that it really is not worth it unless you are opening a big business.

I have a labour contract for a small no of hrs and due to this (according to my hacienda/ social security office) can earn upto 651.33€ a month (if I remember of the top of my head correctly) without having to register as autonomia UNLESS I need to raise an invoice. Apparently, the hacienda are not interested in those earning little!

If you are only likely to need to raise an invoice once or twice a year, you can register for only the hacienda and not pay the 251€ a month social security. But this needs to be considered on a one to one basis by your hacienda etc. Obviously, with both, you do not get any sickness cover, pension etc etc.

The system definitely encourages people to work illegally, and no doubt this skews the unemployment figures as well.

Good luck….