Reply To: Doom & Gloom……



well I know many would agree with you, but I don’t on this one. I have no faith that the tories would have made a better job, and who knows for sure, they could have made a worse one? Issues like the banks fiasco make me as angry as anyone, but I think (like the war) it would have happened under either party. Is there really much to split them now?

From a personal point of view and having watched the sport relief last night, it reminded me just how much we really should look out for those not so fortunate. The Labour party was formed on that basis, and though it’s strayed far from it’s roots, I feel it’s still more likely to support those in need, as much as the tories will still continue to support the better off and the issues like the foul blood sports that often go hand in hand!

……..apart from that, I think we are pretty well in tune with each other!