Reply To: The cost of Europe.


My OP was describing that a car for 1 week prior to Easter (well returning to the UK Easter Sunday) has cost me £170, when it would have usually cost around £80.

But the main point I was trying to make is that a very small car for 2 weeks in the Summer will cost me £500.

Now to my mind at this price people will simply not book Spain as a holiday destination if they will be forced to hire a car due to their location of villa/apartment. Prior to this recession I would have paid around £150~£180 for the same car.

I fall into the category of I need to rent a car so my wife can see her elderly parents, there can’t be many UK based people that will have the same pressure as me that forces them to pay such as high price. With flights just travel costs will be pushing over £800 for 2.

We will either postpone the visit to later in the year and take a Summer break somewhere else.

Inflated prices , IMO, are going to have a big impact on tourist numbers this year.