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Apologies for the delay in up-dating this thread.

Letter received from P.M. Zapatero’s office, dated 26 January 2010. He acknowledges receipt of Our Petition & accompanying dossier & basically states that the Spanish government cannot intervene in matters currently going through the Spanish legal system, & that our problems need to be solved via this route. However, the Petition & information sent has been copied to the Spanish Minister for Housing for his ‘conocimiento’.

To be honest I didn’t think we’d get a response, so this is good.

Work continues with Brussels, with particular regard to the lawyers the majority of us had initially engaged.

Just a word about the many websites springing up with the words ‘Spanish Property Scandal…’, claiming to be able to retrieve monies from developers & Bank Guarantees etc. Many are also quoting from Our Petition & connected News articles in an effort to gain the trust & finances from many no doubt 😡
None of these have anything to do with me or Our Petition. I am only connected with: