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@p800aul wrote:

I feel many decisions will be made “on the day”.

I think that’s the nail on the head and in my experience of fighting local elections it’s often the party (or group) that manages to get ‘their’ vote out on the day that wins. Quite often these days it’s about persuading the others sides vote not to vote at all, rather than changing their mind.

i would suggest it will be a low vote so every non vote will count, if you see what i mean.



I feel that this is about right I am involved in local politics and spend much time door knocking and its very much about getting your voters out and indeed convincing the others its a done deal and its a waste of time voting.
There will be mass knocking up exercises, expect a note through your door very early in the morning on polling day and canvassers calling throughout the day to get every vote they can.
I was initially impressed by cameron but Im not sure hes up to the job now, its a pity he didnt dump Osborne when he misbehaved as he is not the most financially astute chancellor type.
Goodstitch the Liberals have been telling it like it is for many years but it hasnt done them much good.
Time for a hung parliament I think and good old vince sorting out the mess.
The expenses row along with the bankers bonuses will be playing on everyones mind, the man in the street does not forget easily.
Whatever you think its time to forget party politics and vote for whats good for you and yours.