Reply To: Scammers now targeting property companies?!

Fuengi (Andrew)

@charlie wrote:

Amazing that two people on this forum know about these mails, heaven knows how many thousands have been sent out. At least we know now they’re targeting more than one country, maybe all the PIIGS.
Would love to know where this guy is emailing from, is there a way of finding out via the email address? I remember P800aul once posting you can do it from the IP address or something. How does one do that?

in regards to making the rounds, being the cautious type, I did a few searches a while back to try an work out whether the email was legitimate and found a forum discussing it. Quite a few had received it including a french agency and I beleive a bulgarian one too.

Even had another costa del sol agency contact us to register Captain Davies as their client.. 😆