Reply To: This forum in 2010 and beyond


I’m going to be making some cosmetic changes to this forum, allowing you to use avatars, that sort of thing. Keeping the focus on quality content, but making the presentation a bit more fun.

If you want to use an avatar you can, just fix it at your profile page. For the moment you have to use an off-site avatar, that means an image or animation hosted on some other server.

Here’s a question for you.

This forum has very few sub-forums, because I tend to like everything in one place, and don’t like having to check dozens of sub-forums (lazy). But maybe what I want is not what others want. There is no limit to how many sub-forums you can have; I could set up forums for every region, for landlords, DIY, vendors that sort of thing. Is that what people want, or keep it simple like it is?

Angie, would you like a sub-forum called ‘The pitfalls’?