Reply To: Which is the worst place on the Spanish coast?


I will take Benidorm any day against the likes of Torremolinos & Fuengirola it’s cleaner, safer, and apart from the months of July & August when the Brit hoards invade it has a real Spanish feel to it. The beaches are good and you can walk miles from the new end of Levante to the older part of Poniente. The old town is very authentic packed with noisy Spanish Tapas bars. It has some very good Hotels, the Terra Mitica theme park, 2 water parks, and 2 nature parks, plus 2 new 18 hole golf courses. It is quickly and easily accessible from the airport and is surrounded by some stunning scenery. It is a mecca for Spaniards especially from Madrid in the off season. It has evolved as a result of demand for accomodation and homes, rather than as the pipe dreams of some deluded developer cashing in on what they perceived to be a never ending property boom. Its development has in the main gone up rather than sprawling out meaning that less of the coastline has been ravaged by building.

The Brits in high season
The innumerable Chinese Bazaars
Tea Dances

P.S how my speeling thes time Ainge
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