Reply To: Forum’s UK election voting intentions



“Has everyone forgotten what a total balls up the Tories made of the economy and why they have been out for so long?. We are all very aware of labours mistakes, but why do people assume the Tories would have done better?”.

Err, didn’t they leave with a balance of trade surplus, of 12,7 billion.

“Time for a radical change in our voting system where we vote for the person not the party then perhaps we can get those with real ability running the country.”
Couldn’t agree more.Whiist you have people in a “club” no matter what they say, they’ll always stick to the party line.

“Iether that or give the Lin Dems a go surely they can not do worse”.

“Remember we have a labour government because the Conservatives became complacent, some of us remember the 18 percent mortgage rate and the three day week”.

Yes, but the 18% didn’t last long & you were getting a decent savings rate.
“3 day week, The ******* Labour party invented that in the 70’s !!! ‘Winter of discontent’ if you are not that old. I think most people would prefer a “complacent ” gov. not one that has let all the dregs of Europe & illegal immigrants to scrounge benefits, thieve & rob, whilst the decent law abiding, working people are shafted.A country where they alter the law re: n. i. contributions to dis-enfranchise people who have paid all their lives & in doing so create a ” wet foot,dry foot” system whereby anyone who is standing in the country is entitled to full healthcare regardless of whether they have ,or ever will, pay in.

“If you think think things are bad now think of the proposed years of austerity promised by Mr Cameron”.

What are the labour , liberals, ukip. bnp, green party going to do then ? Just print money that’s backed by what ?
The years ahead will be the same regardless of who gets in, it’s just that the present gov., if they were decent, should be using the measures now & not trying to make out that the measures they have put in place are the correct ones. They know how bad it is and what they should be doing but are hoping to muddy the waters up to the election in the hope that they can come out of it without being decimated.Personally, I think that the Queen should have hauled him in & said “you’re not dragging this out for 6 mths., call an election now”.

Don’t get me wrong, whatever party, they are all crooks , thieves, liars& mostly un-employable. ( Those that ever had a job before ! )I believe that under the present system it’s just a crooks charter & until there is individual accountability you will be stuck with the same old scum.