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I think Labours relatively high standing in the polls is a reflection of the Tories just as much as themselves. The present government has presided over this economic mess but large sections of voters do not have any confidence that the Tories will do any better hence the closeness of the polls. At the moment the two largest parties present the voters with a Hobson’s choice of mediocrity and lack of leadership. Expect a hung or crippled new parliament because of a very small working majority. Very interesting times.


It should be remembered that the only person forecasting the global financial crisis was a liberal democrat financial guru.
The expences scandal should not be forgotten iether, our local Conservative MP says his was a simple accounting error. Do we really want these empty vessels running the country.
Time for a radical change in our voting system where we vote for the person not the party then perhaps we can get those with real ability running the country.
Iether that or give the Lin Dems a go surely they can not do worse.
Remember we have a labour government because the Conservatives became complacent, some of us remember the 18 percent mortgage rate and the three day week. If you think think things are bad now think of the proposed years of austerity promised by Mr Cameron.
I expect a number of “labour” defections if the conservatives win.

I thought everything was wonderful in the UK
I for one cant wait to leave.