Reply To: How did so many Brits end up in Zarra?



I believe is fair to have the opportunity to replay Katy insults and attacks to my pretender identity:

Katy wrote: (Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:21 pm)
“Gosh I could stand 5 goodstitch to this wanker…sorry but i feel compelled to say it”

It is much better to have a “self-service” of different ideas and to take different points of view for different subjects,…than only have a monolithic point of view.

From the very beginning, you dislike any new entry to the forum…any different idea.
Only the fools likes to read always their same ideas (over and over again),…to reaffirm in their own stupidity.
PD-Thanks for to teach me so many slang words.

Katy wrote: (Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:13 pm)
“I think his posts have been translated into google, english to spanish to english. The mistakes he makes are not the ones normally made by Spaniards. However, lets not get into pretend spaniards again as I will get a Goodstitch red card. ”

So sometimes I am supposed to be Frank, and English old member of the forum (I would like to know him),… now I am using Google translator,…and always I am just pretending to be Spaniard…Why I should pretend to hide my identity?…I believe you should stop the abuse.
PD- I make my own mistakes, it is not Google fault.