Reply To: Forum’s UK election voting intentions



what short memories people have. What a horrible right wing forum this is turning in to. Has everyone forgotten what a total balls up the Tories made of the economy and why they have been out for so long?. We are all very aware of labours mistakes, but why do people assume the Tories would have done better?. From a personal point of view, I think the Tories are still supported by some of the most revolting selfish people in the country, many who have little interest in social reform, minimum working wage, or treating people in a fair way, (which is obviously why the labour part came about), but from the economic point of view who knows?. I guess the Tories will win the next election because people are sick of Gorden and co, but is the alternative going to improve anything, or will the Tories just blame labour for it’s failings until people are sick of the Tories as well?.

I think most people feel that rather than fighting between themselves, if the good points from all the 3 major parties could somehow be pooled in to one party, then recovery could probably be much faster, and hopefully the bad historic extremes of all parties could be left behind?