Reply To: Forum’s UK election voting intentions



Who, the various Labour parties over the years? If so, totally agree!
Each time they’re in power they sink the country into a financial mess, leaving the Tories to clear up after them. This time there is the added insane Political Correctness, Health & Safety and Immigration issues to address (as well as the war) that these misguided, moronic, megalomaniac ‘socialists’ have burdened our country with.
Let’s hope we’ll see some sanity returning to the UK oneday – guess who I’m not voting for. đŸ˜‰

Mark asked: “Can someone please explain to me how, after all they have done, Labour can be on 33% according to the latest poll for the Sunday Times?”
That’s probably all those on benefits, employees of the State, plus immigrants. Yep, that should be around 33%.

Tin hat is on. đŸ˜†