Reply To: How did so many Brits end up in Zarra?


@tree wrote:

Imagine the matters:.
They speak with the mayor,…he looks an open minded person with an open pocket.
Every thing is right,…every body is happy,…but the land it is still rural,… the mayor could aloud the construction (a blind eye) but could not go so long,…What about the taxes for that conversion from rural to urban?, or the public infraestructures or services?
The illegal situation is finally discovered,… the authorities claim for the taxes (urban to rural),…the authorities build new roads, pipes, a depurative plant, but claim for the cost of the infrastructures…or the authorities for the especial environment impact of the buildings decide to demolish them (same few cases).
But,…the owners claim that they didn’t know the laws,…and that, They don’t have the money to pay neither the taxes, neither the new infrastructures needed,…THEY ARE VICTIMS…They just want to live there (and they don’t have any other place to go)..

The mayor should be able to decide what land is rural and what land is urbanisable.
Of course the people who want to build houses should pay for the conversion from rural to urban and that conversion is not really that expensive. Then of course the people who want to build houses pay for the urbanisation plan and for the construction (houses, roads, sidewalks) costs.
After people who want to build houses pay, they have the houses and only GOD can decide to tear the houses down.

This is what happens in say Romania.

In Spain it seems that some authorities are stronger than GOD… How can that be?