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Here you go trolling on again (A description of actions not a personal attack )

He wrote for the umpteenth time

I just can’t just sit back though, without comment and watch more honest people fall foul of a system that often allows those in legal positions to betray trust through lies and deception, because the justice system is often to slow or poor to prevent them from doing so

We all know as he does NO ONE is buying off plan in Spain at the moment so that means the HONEST PEOPLE he goes on about are not there.
Most of the developers like AIFOS are not trading any more.

He also writes for the umpteenth time

Many threads come down to the same basic problems of common sense right and wrong in the system in my opinion. I respect your view, and just ask you do the same back.


This is because what ever the thread topic YOU can not resist stealing it or spoiling it.
Please look up troll in the dictionary and then look in the mirror.

I said I would not be drawn in any more but I put this down to a lapse and it will not happen again

😯 😀

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