Reply To: How did so many Brits end up in Zarra?



To Flosmichael:
Who bough the rural land?,…how much was the cost of that land?…Who was the promoter of that buildings?…was the owners of the lands the promoters?…I bet that’s the case,…as the owners of the lands, the promoters of the buildings and the final owners,…they never understood that was illegal?,…That’s impossible…Who paid to the mayor?

The maniqueism is clear, I bet that this people are the promoters of their own buildings. Only happen that they are British, and they can claim that they didn’t know the laws because they don’t speak the lingo…so they would have the forum sympathize.
But, It is any difference if the promoter sell the illegal house or keep it for his own use?…
What if they sell that properties to another persons,…They as promoters are not guilty, just victims?,…and if as promoters they became the final owners, they are again only victims?,…and what about the costs to the environment?,…the public roads, public electricity service, the black waters pipes?,…is there any depurator to the black waters?,…who is going to pay for that?,…another case for Susan to the hands of the radical communist party(IU),…another problem to Valencia right party who try to clean all this mess,…against the campaign of all the communist and associates. Most of the illegal buildings have Spanish owners, but majority of Spaniards don’t sympathize with them,… Why should I sympathize?,…tell me.

DON´T BUILD IN A RURAL LAND: IS ILLEGAL, that’s why is called Rural land.
Respect the laws, and if you don’t do it, don’t victimize your own behavior…is unfair.