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Candidacy for nuclear waste storage aside, I think it’s a similar story in many towns and villages in Alicante, Murcia, Almeria, Granada, and Malaga. Bizarre places like Albox (Almeria), for example. It’s just unbelievable how many Brits are living in these places.

Places that were slowly dying out, then all of a sudden an invasion of Brits (and a few others) paying absurd amounts for land that had almost no value before they turned up.

But many of the Brits wanted modern new homes, not the squalid dwellings in need of refurbishment that the towns had to offer. So bingo, lots of out of control building on ‘suelo rustico’. Mayor makes a fortune.

That was back in the go-go days. Now it’s just problems. The Mayors and developers are in jail, under investigation, or scared as hell, the Brits aren’t buying, and those who already bought are struggling with 30% less income thanks to the weak pound. Lots of stories of Brits going home, British supermarkets and bars closing.

Clearing out today I came across an old catalogue for a massive development in Murcia, but essentially in the middle of nowhere, called Camposol. Foul prefab homes were being sold for up to 200k. Now that people have woken up and reality has set in, I’d be surprised if they could sell for 50k (personally I would pay not to live there).


Camposol is a funny one from what I can tell, it would interesting to know exactly what went on (the situation is), it appears to be something of a mixed bag (I think various ‘sectors’ have had various problems and the sectors are somewhat different) hence I don’t think you can generalize to the extent you are doing. Personally I don’t like the look of it but I haven’t been there.

I visited Camposol in 2008 when driving from Mazarron to Murcia.

I think the original idea was not bad, some predicted decent size houses with some predicted golf courses, with some predicted center with stores, with some predicted entertainement, with some predicted town-like structure.

The only problem was that the “predicted” parts never materialised…