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@El anciano wrote:

I feel that the LRAU (or whatever it’s called these days) is a real risk but probably a small one. Living in an unsuitable home isn’t too good either. So, for us it’s probably still a valid choice. If we are fortunate the silly over-development of recent years will not be such an issue in future years.

Yes I think I would say there is less risk these days with (we hope) less appetite/money to build

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Also, it’s easy to forget that we had (have?) land grab laws in the UK, isn’t it called “compulsory purchase”? So, Valencia is not alone in this. Of course it has been dramatically over-used here. But these risks exist in other places too.

As far as I know ( and I could be totally wrong here ) when land Is taken in a LRAU case you only get a percentage of the value of the land/house and are then charged fees to help with the works taking place on the land, in the UK you are given market value for your land/property and of course you don’t pay towards works taking place on the land, this happen to a friend of mine when he lost his house to the M25 some years ago and he was very happy with the price he got, true market value