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Should really ignore your post but won’t
[qMark is a very smart man and he uses tongue-in-chick many times.

Creep, you wont be banned then!

[/qThe banks are sitting on huge amount of properties that they are going to dump on the market soonuote]

Tell me why now

[qThe reason TINSA index is “improving” is due to the fact that almost nobody buys and nobody sells so prices are stationary…uote]

Lots of people on the CDS don’t have a mortgage so no they don’t have to sell, equally there are a fair number of distress sales but not from the banks yet.As I’ve said before the banks will try and hold on to there ‘assets’ as long as possible, they inturn will get support from the Bank of Spain and they inturn will get support from the EU.

Greece will be bailed out within the next couple of weeks.