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problem is the information source is the Bild on Sondag. Bild’s nearest English-language stylistic and journalistic equivalent is often considered to be The Sun in the UK, and is modeled after the British tabloid the Daily Mirror.

Possibly so, but I wouldn’t say it makes it any less representative of opinion, perhaps more so…

unforunately no. Without knowing about the methology, etc… you can only question such a survey.

Youre right. In future i will look for a survey that has biometric controls and is cross-referenced to a genetic database.


I could take it for granted that if the popular national red-top is against something, then there’s a good chance its readers are too. on the basis that people don’t generally buy newspapers they disagree with, hence those papers dont become… popular.

Maybe im simplifying things too much? 🙂

no, not at all. But I think it is worth taking into account that in a country with a dalily circulation of 21 million, bild represents approximately 3 million readers. So 14% of all newspaper readers read the bild. 57% want greece thrown out. Or 1.7 million readers.
So when an article states: “A majority of Germans want debt-ridden Greece to be thrown out of the euro zone” it is a tad sensasionlist.

Of course if we want to follow the idea that as the most widely sold paper is representative of germany as a whole then go for it. But by that same argument we have to beleive that spains housing ministry is spot on with its statistics.

(edit: sorry for the waffle. in a rush)